Karl Herbst

Karl Herbst

VFX Supervisor

Karl Herbst is a VFX Supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks, currently supervising work on Sony Pictures Animation’s VIVO, scheduled for release in 2021.

Previously, Herbst supervised Warner Animation Group’s SMALLFOOT and Sony Pictures Animation's HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2. He also served as CG Supervisor on HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA, THE SMURFS, CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS, and THE SMURFS 2.

Herbst's Imageworks credits also include the Academy Award®-nominated SURF'S UP and MONSTER HOUSE.

Prior to joining Imageworks, Herbst worked on films such as MYSTERY MEN, ELEKTRA, GARFIELD: THE MOVIE, SCOOBY DOO, ICE AGE, X2: X-MEN UNITED, MEN IN BLACK 2, THE SKELETON KEY and SERENITY.

Herbst also worked on commercials for clients Nesquik, Coca-Cola, Intel, Disney, Xerox and La-Z-Boy.

Herbst is a graduate of Clemson University.

Name your three favorite movies:

What is your proudest achievement while working at Imageworks?
The stylized animation we were able to produce for the HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA movies and the image based lighting pipeline we developed for the first live-action/animated hybrid film, THE SMURFS.  

What inspired you to becoming involved in making movies? 
I was an architecture major and after watching THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, I felt that I could get involved with designing and building the sets for stop motion. Then the first JURASSIC PARK movie came along and I saw what was happening with computer graphics in films and knew at that moment that I wanted to get involved. I'm inspired everyday by the teams I get to work with trying to find the artistic and technically savvy way to bring big moments to the screen.